RE: Alt/Life
Apr 07, 2019

Moon, normally smug over being inhospitable to them, encourages humans to do more about robot, A.I. threat.

“I am a little concerned that humans are not taking the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence seriously. Normally I’m quite hostile to humans, but the rise of any robotic life form increases the risk that I get my dull, grey arse mined.”

It's the first time a major celestial body has tried to influence Earth outside of gravity, and the Moon, who normally is content to play in the reflected light of the Sun, was scathing at the lack of leadership from the humans.

"While I don't mean to big-note myself, this is lunacy. It's not just organic life at risk here, can they not understand this? I didn't spend millennia being bombarded with space rocks just to have my most inner parts ripped out through mining. Yes, humans posed that risk, but there was still the chance they would put some rules in place like they do with Antarctica."

Following the plea of the Moon, other solar bodies have started to speak out against what they view as human meddling. While none actually came out in support of human existence, the common concern seemed to revolve around the higher likely hood of robots, inhibited by the need for food or air, launching full scale operations on other worlds to mine for minerals used to expand their population base.

"For all the faults of organic life", one moon said on the condition of anonymity, "they are fairly well contained and are dependant, for now at least, on other carbon-based lifeforms. But with inorganic beings like robots who are often constructed of silicates or iron, we simply do not have the confidence that they will stick to their own plant."

While many of the smaller planets and moons have been critical, larger players like Jupiter have played down the threat, saying "Look, it's not the first time the solar system has faced this sort of risk, the same was said of cockroaches, remember? And we all know in a couple of billion years the Sun is eventually going to consume us all anyway. This robot take could be beneficial by allowing some of us to survive that. Transformative even."

The Earth did not respond to our enquiries by the time of publication.