RE: Alt/Life
Feb 06, 2020

Protest signs appear on busy street calling for an end to the exploitative practice of hiring roads, not people.

A spokesperson from the Inanimate Objects Union, or I.O.U., said using roads for the menial task of conveyancing is exploiting legal loopholes and have called on the robotic government to legislate all thoroughfares be made from humans.

"We did not spend all these years overthrowing humanity just to see practices used by them return. Our road members demand better treatment than this", the spokesperson said.

As a part of the "Local people for local roads" campaign, the union has released a proposed Standards Mark that should be put on all thoroughfares so that users can be confident that the thing they are travelling on is made from 100% human.

"The Little Red Man should be the goal of all governments and transport authorities."

However, the campaign has drawn swift criticisms and has put it at odds with the popular human-free products movements who say humans are a non-sustainable resource and their continual use will increase costs for governments due to their endangered species status.