RE: Alt/Life
Nov 07, 2019

Charity store pissed that some well-meaning but careless person dumped new building behind it.

When asked, the store manager said, “It’s upsetting to see that someone would abandon a huge building on our back door. We have clear, strict policies that forbid us selling items with electrical components. We’ll need to throw it away.”

The building was dumped between 3am and 4am this morning, with the perpetrators attempting to hide it amongst a pile of clothes and shoes. "It's a shame, because I'm sure that building could have been used by some disadvantaged government as a hospital or something."

While the Salvos website doesn't say anything about buildings, it does make it clear that government regulations may prohibit electrical items.

"If they had just called the store before throwing the building off the back of a trailer, we could have pointed them to another store that may have been able to take it. We spend millions of dollars each year removing rubbish that gets left at our doors because people either don't care or are too lazy to find out. I hate to think how much removing this building will cost us."

Local residents are perplexed as to how the dumpers managed to get the building there in the first place, with one resident saying they heard nothing during the night. "That must have been some mad trailer manoeuvring, man", said one resident when interviewed. "That road behind the Salvos is wicked narrow."

Local council has been contacted for comment after both store and residents complained about the area being a long time dumping ground for people not wanting to pay for tip fees. "Just last week we had a pile of rotting pumpkins scattered around the local theatre production company, all dressed up as Jack o' Lanterns."