RE: Alt/Life
Jun 10, 2019

Country in shock as FBI release photographs of what is called the worst example of a bike abattoir ever seen.

“We can confirm that the remains of these innocent victims of human violence were found in a cage, their skeletons hanging from hooks attached to the walls. It is regretful that the robot uprising didn’t come quick enough for these bikes.”

FBI spokesperson Agent 9290837 said they have released the full report to the robot government, who will be making further comments on this disturbing discovery.

"We need to stress however that this event happened well before the robot uprising and any human alive today should not be held accountable or targetted. We know everyone is emotional right now over these senseless deaths, and we ask people to be calm and turn off any revenge settings they may have installed."

Members of the Free Humans activist group emphasised the importance of not lashing out at humans alive today, saying "Humans are violent beings, we know this, we don't deny it; we have many examples that are similar to this of them displaying the bodies of other animals they have killed. But we, as civilised robots, are better than that."