RE: Alt/Life
Nov 19, 2019

Government criticised for crackdown on animal rights activists after a series of barbecue attacks.

Outrage as attacks leave at least one barbecue in a critical condition, thousands of dollars in damages. Authorities blame fake reports in the news, which claimed barbecues are cooking humans after years of being made to cook other animals.

In what has been labelled as heavy handedness by the government, police have come under heavy criticism for targeting barbecues in their push to curtail animal rights activists, with a recent incident involving barbecues and police leaving many people injured and property damaged. The organisation called RETH (Robots for the Ethical Treatment of Humans) has faced mounted, targeted pressure from government agencies for its oft times illegal and disruptive protests supporting human rights, and this attack on barbecues has become yet another flashpoint in the relationship between pro-human and pro-robot groups.

The latest crackdown has come after a since discredited report surfaced in newspapers and online groups which declared barbecues, who are the most numerous members of RETH, have been cooking humans as revenge for having to be made to cook other animals during the human occupation years. The report was quickly discredited by university professor Janet Xerox, who wrote "These reports are clearly fake and are not based on any solid evidence. The correlation between high barbecue population areas and low human density rates does not mean causation, and this 'controversy' is merely concocted to agitate tensions."

A RETH spokesperson told reporters that the government is merely looking for someone to blame for their own failed policies on housing affordability.

"They are targeting these predominately high barbecue populated areas because they cannot face the reality that society has an equality problem. It's long been known that barbecues are shunned by most robots because of their perceived support of past human practices, namely the cooking of animals; a practice which we have always stressed was done against their will. We only need to point to ovens and other white goods, who don't face the same accusations, to see this is more about targeting people from low socio-economic areas than anything else. Barbecues try so hard to counter these claims, yet all it takes is one junk article to cause a swift and violent government backlash. Why would a community, who historically has been supportive of human and animal rights, start cooking humans?"

"This whole thing doesn't make sense."